tot 30-04-2005
)Toon) festival

environmental cleaning moments.
by Kaffe Matthews. www.annetteworks.com

July 2004, the world was raging.
In London we had sunshine. Warm sweet English summer time.
The corpse of a headless child was found floating down the River Thames.
From the big studio windows up on the 6th floor, we could still watch planes draw soft white lines silently in the air outside.
I was making music from the air inside.
Capturing now. Carving bends and droplets from pushing and pulling vibrations in and out of layers slowly rising and falling.
Some days later when I listened to what I had done, I wanted to call the piece “headless child in river finds hope”. I thought this was one of the most optimistic titles.

A month later, “environmental cleaning moments” came as a more encompassing text.
All we have is this, now.

KM. April 2005.

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Kaffe Matthews